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Build a Green & Sustainable Smart Campus Network 

Higher Education Network Solutions


 We at Techfinity, delves into education user scenarios for solution design and innovation, leveraging various emerging technologies such as cloud computing, data warehouse and data mining, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile Internet to provide colleges with end-to-end full-scenario smart college solutions. 

We Keep You Connected 

Digital Campus

We can provide full-scenario wireless coverage on campus, delivering superior user experience through ubiquitous access and building a scalable and robust network for the future.

Teaching Informationization

We will provide smart campus digital products, next-generation smart classrooms, and other innovative solutions for demonstration applications. We are committed to advancing the digital information construction of colleges and universities by leveraging our R&D capabilities including digital technology research, educational training, and application product development.

Smart Campus

We offer hybrid/multimedia learning, Smart Interactive learning, AI, IoT, campus applications, and cloud services to enhance the learning experience. Our solutions also provide simplified and automated operation, efficient management, and ultra-high security.

Managed Connectivity

We provide Full-scenario wireless coverage Seamless roaming and ubiquitous access. Simplified, solid, and green network architecture. Future-proof network foundation. Automated operation, Efficient management, High security